Hannah's Song

One woman humbles herself before the Almighty as she asks God to open her womb and bless her with a son. This story is a testament to God's grace and power. Hannah is the first person to prophecy of God's Annointed, the coming King, Jesus Christ. Hannah features original compositions by Allen Green and the theatrical talent of Myra Green.


Musical Dramas straight from the Bible performed by Myra Green

You will see & hear faithful accounts from God’s Holy Bible through these  musical presentations. Each has been written to present the message of salvation through Jesus Christ! For more information about our full cast musicals based in Santa Fe, NM, click here.

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Ruth the Redeemer's Bride

Myra brings the Bible’s Old Testament  book of Ruth alive through the musical drama “Ruth, the Redeemer’s Bride”. Using 11 original contemporary piano songs, she portrays Ruth telling her story. Myra leads her audience into the parallel story of  the Great Redeemer Jesus Christ. She reveals the message of salvation through Ruth’s connection as Jesus’ ancestor and her experiences. This presentation is available on DVD, CD or tape.


The Woman at the Well

Coming Soon!!!

The newest of the four musicals that are currently offered, the Woman at the Well retells the New Testament story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman. This story shows Jesus as the true Water of Life.

Mary's Christmas Story

Myra also presents “Mary’s Christmas Story”, the story of the birth of Jesus as told through the eyes of Mary. This presentation presents the plan of salvation as Mary concludes her story with a recount of the death and resurrection of Jesus and his promise to come again. Mary’s story is told through traditional Christmas carols.



Myra's performances feature the musical talents of several accomplished musicians and songwriters that have devoted a lot of time and energy to this ministry. Our special thanks go out to Allen Green, Alison Sanderson, and Brian Rigdon.

*Donations are gratefully accepted, but never required a these events. DVD's, Tapes, and/or CD's are provided free of charge.